Event pre-production

Audio visual design
and supply

Creative design

Innovative development

Project management

Using logical, simple, effective solutions to bring the most suitable and affordable elements to your event.

Adam Taylor

adam head

Adam is the organised, thorough, thoughtful, friendly client facing guy in a nice jumper.

He’s been around for long enough to understand what people want and how to get it for them at the right price.

Jonathan Beaumont

jib head

Jonathan has the creative, inventive head. He learns things fast. Annoying for some, useful to most.

He’s been around for long enough to understand what people can have to make them happy ish.

We add value.
We offer a different way of working.
We're friendly and approachable.
We're not committed to any specific equipment or supplier.

From large reusable widescreen to super cool real-time 3D technology, we love to integrate interesting technology where you never thought it could be used.

We're friendly and approachable because relationships are important.

We love to meet people. That's the industry we're in after all.

We can show portfolios and references, because we've done great work before.
Our aim is to bring new and different ideas though.

Please email, call, or hunt us down on LinkedIn. We'd love to come and meet you for a chat to find out about you, we can give some lovely suggestions. No pressure.